JITONA was certified according to PEFC

The growing number of our customers requires a warranty of sustainable forest management as an ecologically renewable source of wood for the production of furniture. JITONA, as a responsible furniture producer, received a CFCS certificate (according to PEFC).

PEFC certification gives consumers guarantees of environmentally, economically as well as socially appropriate procedures in the production and commercial practice within the series of growing, extracting and processing wood. Wood from certified forests goes through a chain of several mining, processing, production and commercial subjects before reaching its final consumer. During the whole consumer chain of forest products (Chain of Custody – C-o-C), the flow of the certified raw material is monitored so that its origin is verifiable. Jitona Company as a producer of furniture stands somewhere in the middle of this chain and the aforementioned certificate clearly shows the company’s responsible approach to the purchase of wooden materials.
The certificate of a forest product consumer chain is a reference of an independent, qualified, accredited and notified certification body which informs other customers within the chain on the certified volume of raw material in products and provides a security that such products or product lines meet the criteria of the normative document and that they are linked with certified forests. The latest Czech version of the international standard Consumer Chain of Forest Products - Requirements is the CFCS standard 1004:2006, revision 1 with effect from May 1, 2007.

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